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You’re a guy. You know what you want.
But you have no real plan for getting it.
And the clock is ticking. Time to get a Life Coach.


If so, you aren't alone. These are the things ALL men worry about. We try to suck it up, but the stress is always there -- and bottling it up can make us feel anxious, depressed, angry, or afraid. This leads to self-criticism, and before long we're stuck in a self-defeating rut. This is why I created MAN-UP! Life Coaching....


WHAT do I offer?

I offer one-to-one Life Coaching for men of all ages. Like a personal trainer, I use my core skill-set to help you identify and address imbalances in your daily routine.

WHO am I ?

A man dedicated to helping men succeed in life, by coaching from a compassionate, intelligent, and creative male perspective. For my bio, click here.

WHERE do we meet?

Three options: my Mission Valley office; a prearranged meet-up spot (convenient for North County residents); or Skype Session. To find out more inquire here.

WHEN do we meet?

I do my best to keep flexible hours. To check availability or to schedule a FREE 25-minute session, click here.

HOW much?

Your first 25-minute session is FREE, and future sessions come with a MONEY-BACK guarantee! (Terms available upon request). For full pricing, click here.

WHY try this?  

The simple answer: because Life Coaching actually works. If you want to be your BEST self in EVERY way, this is how.

It's clutch time. No more excuses. Do this work, and you WILL gain exactly what you want. More time, more money, smoother interpersonal relationships, and way less DRAMA in your life. Remember, your first 25-minute session is ABSOLUTELY FREE! Are you ready to calm your mind & embrace the grind?