Not Another B.S. New Year’s Resolution

Hey man, another year down. Out with 2018, in with 2019. This is the year EVERYTHING is going to change. In fact, let’s start making some resolutions, right?


Every year, we make resolutions with the genuine intention of bettering ourselves. For men, common resolutions include:

  • Lose Weight / Healthier Eating 
  • Life / Self Improvement 
  • Better Financial Decisions 
  • Quit Smoking / Drinking 
  • Do More Exciting Things 
  • Spend More Time with Family / Close Friends 
  • Work Out More Often 
  • Learn Something New On My Own 
  • Do More Good Deeds For Others 
  • Find The Love Of My Life

Now there is nothing fundamentally wrong with these goals. They should be achievable. After all, *some people* seem to be crushing it out there, so why not you?

Well, let’s look at what it takes to achieve goals:

  1. A Reasonable Goal. If your resolution is to “get into better shape”, that’s not really actionable. You can’t wake up tomorrow and just “get into shape”. You need more specific plans. A better goal might be: Find a gym, and plan to be there three times a week. 
  2. Motivation. This is an enormous talking point. Example: you’re lying in bed, the alarm goes off. Now you know you should get up and start your day, but instead you hit the snooze button. And the moment you do, a guilty feeling comes over you. Where’s your RESOLVE now, Mr. New Year’s Resolution? But hey, don’t sweat it. I have a solution for you… keep reading. 
  3. Accountability. This is clutch, and the reason mastermind groups and coach-mentors have made such strong gains in the field of personal wellness and betterment. 

As a bro coach & mentor, these are the things I help my clients with every day of the year – not just on January 1st. We set reasonable goals. If we discover the bar is set too high, we dial it back. I’d rather see a client hit an easier target than shoot too high and fail. Why? Because failures cause us to doubt ourselves, which SAPS our motivation. 

A good coach not only helps you plan out a reasonable course of action, he also coaches you up when you’re down on yourself. He doesn’t see your failures as shortcomings — the way you are likely to — but rather sees a determined warrior getting stronger every time he tries, fails, and gets back up again. He’s there just for you, cheering you on, defying you to quit. 

A coach doesn’t see you as you are. He see what you are trying to become.

And of course, accountability. I meet with my clients once per week for an hour in a very personal 1:1 sessions designed to put all the cards on the table. If you’re doing his work, fantastic. If not, then it’s showtime. It’s your coach’s job to pull every trick out of his hat he has to get you to meet your goals. And trust me when I say, a good coach is only happy when you’re happy. So if you’re not sticking to the plan, he’s going to make SURE you step up your game. 

So what’s the wrap-up here? That Resolutions are total bullshit?

No, not exactly. But statistically the number of people who actually keep their resolutions are staggeringly low. So for real…. which is more interesting for you? To set realistic goals and achieve them, or to set fake goals, pretend to try to achieve them, and then just crap out and go back to poor life habits? 

If the answer was WIN THE GAME, CRUSH MY OPPONENT, DESTROY THE ENEMY….. then you may be in the right place. This year, make promises you can keep. After all, a man is only as good as his word. 

Do You Fail At Keeping New Year’s Resolutions?

What is your goal for 2019? What are you going to do to show up for yourself 365 days this time? Let me know in the comments.

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