Meet Dennis

Hi there. I’m Dennis Procopio, Founder of Man-UP! Life Coaching. After a lot of consideration, I have decided that I want this Bio to read more like a conversation two guys would have over a beer. In our sessions, I’m going to ask you to be real with me. To be honest. I know how difficult this can be, especially if you haven’t cultivated particularly healthy relationships with males. So to give you a good idea of who I am as a person, here’s some straight-forward (and deeply personal) information about me.

I grew up mainly between Philadelphia, New York, and Las Vegas. My father was abusive, so for fear of our safety my mother fled when I was 3 years old. She was young and suffered severe borderline personality disorder, making her equally unfit to parent a child. I was bounced through over 24 different schools on her reckless joyride through mental illness, drug addiction, and extreme religious fanaticism. We had no touch with any other family members; she burned bridges with them all. When I reconnected with dad at 10 years old, he proved in time to be significantly more abusive than she had ever been. My childhood was one long nightmare, which has taken a lot of strength to recover from. It isn’t my intention to wear my heart on my sleeve for pity here; I just want to give you a sense of where I began my journey.

The situation eventually got so bad that I left home for good. I was 15 years old. Homeless, broke, abused, abandoned…. the one thing I had going for me was that I liked to draw. I drew every waking moment. It was my secret to staying sane. I discovered that somehow, by nurturing my own creativity, I was able to make surprisingly clear-headed decisions, even without appropriate adult guidance. I remember that no matter how impossible a situation looked, no matter how desperately screwed I seemed to be, I could “draw my way out of it”, so to speak. I now understand the mechanics behind this “gift” (the ability to manifest positive intentions) and these are at the core of my personal success programming.

It was like discovering a superpower; I began using my creative abilities to not only survive crappy situations, but to create awesome new ones. I stayed in school, earned great grades (even while living on my own and paying all my own bills) and graduated to receive a full four-year scholarship to Cooper Union in NYC. Not to brag, but just for context, Cooper remains one of the top schools in the country for Art, Architecture, and Engineering. I used my art education to gain teaching experience, and while teaching art I discovered that I have a skill for coaching others. I learned from some pretty amazing mentors who pushed me to realize my full potential, and I genuinely believe my purpose in life is to do this work. I have coached all ages, from teens to men many years my senior. My biggest coaching secret is simply RESPECT. While I don’t accept failure as an excuse to stop working, I’m respectful because I understand that no man wants or deserves to be talked down to. Your coach should be your buddy. If you’re feeling stuck, or just ready to take life to the next level, I am literally promising you my programming actually works. Give me a call. You have literally nothing to lose, and everything to gain.