Man-UP! Monthly: Introducing MAN-UP Man

Hey Guys,

We here at Man-UP! Life Coaching are proud to introduce MAN-UP Man! 

In this inaugural episode of MAN-UP Man you see something you probably recognize: negative self-talk and self-judgement. We talk about this a lot on our YouTube channel.

Without exception guys come to Man-UP! Life Coaching experiencing some level of self-judgement. It’s just something we’ve been programmed to do: Men are raised to be competitive, and if you’re not winning, there must be something wrong with you.

Self-judgement is one of the biggest problems facing men and one big reason guys end up searching for a life coach for men. As male life coaches, we pay close attention to our clients’ self-judgement.

If you’d like to know more, go ahead and schedule a strategy call with one of our coaches. Otherwise, see you on the next episode of MAN-UP Man! 

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-Man-UP! Life Coaching Admin

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